Friday, June 8, 2012


Sometimes when I go through the magazines like Vogue or Elle, I wonder how difficult the “art” of doing eyelash  makeup for the advertisements of beauty and make up products is. Let’s take a mascara as example. I’m amazed how often we can see pictures of the girls with horrible made eyelashes! Like they have just finished plowing the field with them! Stick together, full of clods. Maybe it’s just me, but personally I think that is very unaesthetic… 
An you can’t blame the one who took the photo. The photographer is there to make the best shoot possible. A shoot of the finished product, the cosmetic on the model. Behind all of this is a chain of people, going from preparing the model for the shooting to the postproductions at the end. During this whole process with a huge group of specialized people involved, is there nobody who can say; “Hey hold on! She looks horrible, let’s change that” ? 
An what about an eyelash comb?

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